Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I kept repeating that phrase in my head as I watched all but 1 other guy from our Sunday ride pedal away from me. Multiple times.

I was never really that mighty, but in my hay day, I was usually top 10 at the races in our state. Sunday, I was utterly done after just an hour and a half. Problem was, we still had 3 hours to go. My legs had no more "go" halfway through the ride.

I know it's a lack of consistent riding and the extra 15-20 lbs I'm carrying around. It still doesn't sit well with me. Speaking of weight, you ever notice that you don't really acknowledge the pounds you need to lose until you see a picture of yourself wearing not very flattering clothing? This picture taken by Mod made my mind blurt out - "Damn, I got a fat ass!!"(I'm in the middle wearing a white/orange jersey) So, I need to work on that. I mean, 15-20 lbs is basically a 2nd bike. So I'm riding while carrying a 2nd bike on my back. Not very helpful when trying to go fast.

I guess I shouldn't be sipping on this soda then.... DOH!!


Mike Miles said...

Damn, your fat ass is so large it completely blocks me from view... and I ain't what they'd term as wispy.

munsoned said...

Yeah, I know it's all about caloric input vs output. I'm trimming down my breakfast cereal bowl, cutting out my soda intake, increasing water consumption, and taking smaller helpings for lunch and dinner.

That's the plan at least. If I can do that and maybe add in another ride during the week along with my commuter intervals and weekend rides, I should be able to slim down some. I used to like climbing hills. Not so much now.

MOD said...

Dude, you're riding stronger than I was at 20+ pounds.

Mike Miles said...

Yes mike you were riding well. I hope you know I was/am joking above. I think you'll be fine once you build back some endurance.

Mod I've gotta make Bryan mad where he motivates me to lose 20 lbs like you. Actually yesterday was plenty of motivation. So close but so far away.

bryan said...

or you could just ride more. just putting that out there.

fredcube said...

Funny. On my ride yesterday, I was thinking how I normally spot you 50 lbs, now it would only be 20. Let's ride.