Thursday, December 03, 2009

Weekend 12/5-12/6

So Finally its starting to feel a bit like winter. I may get blasted for saying this but I really am glad to finally see a few flakes on flying and everything else that goes along with it. I hate the cold but I like being a good stimulator of the economy and that is heavily predicated on cold, so I'll wear another layer (or sit in my basement) and continue to pedal.

This weekend looks cool but not awful, so lets get out there, eh?

Saturday: Road ride around Noontime in order for anyone? 2-3 hours
Sunday: MTB Ride... someone want to chime in with a location?


munsoned said...

For me:

Saturday, Maybe
Sunday, Yes Please.

I'm up for whatever, unless it's Jewell. I hate that place. Plus, if we want Bryan to join, Jewell is not the best learning grounds.

By the way, welcome back. Did you have a fun trip?

Mike Miles said...

K, let me know on Saturday. Wabash on Saturday would actually be fun. Cool for Sunday.

I've never been to Jewell but we can oblige that. Though I'll say learning on hard trails just makes you better. I really don't care where we go, just would like to get a couple hours in. I'm so sloppy on a mtb anymore its like I'm learning too.

I'm home, that's about all I have to say regarding the trip.

brady said...

I can go early Saturday morning. Anyone available at/before 8:00 am? Be forewarned: it'll be about 20F at that time.

Mike Miles said...

Umm yeah Brady, while I'm happy its cold I'm not really wanting to go when its 20 and warming to 42 for the afternoon.

munsoned said...

Yeesh Brady, I can only last an hour outside on the road in 20degree temps. Seriously, it's no fun. Mtb is more doable with those temps since windchill won't be as much of a factor.

I'll discuss with the woman what the plans are on Saturday. There's no trail convenient to all of us really and Manawa has some bad mojo. Although, I can't see thieves going out in this type of weather. But I've been wrong before, once or twice.

Swanson is always fun and I haven't seen the new reroute done by the police training place.

Mike Miles said...
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Mike Miles said...

Lets do Swanson. There's food and such nearby for after. Its more fun than Tranquility in my opinion and it has a lot less sustained open sections (save the field climb). There's some roots and a few little bumps in the trail. Its good times.

Oh and Munson if you want to hit Manawa, I'll let you drive?

RD said...

gravel Saturday morning? around 9-10ish? I'll post something on pedal-omaha springfield bound baby

munsoned said...

Swanson sounds good to me for Sunday. Now I just have to figure out how I'm getting down there. If we can convince Bryan to come out, we could carpool.