Friday, December 11, 2009

Studded snow tires

Aside from feeling guilty for being in the way of a few motorists and still feeling weak from my cold, the ride in this morning was great! Studded snow tires make it seem too easy. I look at the conditions on the ground as I easily roll over it and just chortle quietly to myself (cqtm instead of LOL?) .

Guess who's coming to eat burgers with me and Fred on Saturday!?!? Mr. Boyd himself. I guess he got tired of the tough weather conditions of Cali (or wherever he resides now) and wanted to feel "at home" in Nebraska. So that's happening at 1:30 if I can convince the other 2 hooligans to nail down a time. If you're out at 132nd and Dodge, we'll be eating at 5 Guys Burgers. Never been there, but I look forward to a good burger.

Mr. Miles and I are trying to plan a snow trail ride at Manawa. Anyone know if people have broken in the trails there yet? We might shoot for a Sunday ride just to let the first suckers...I mean...adventurers pack down the trail a little for us.

Please respond with confirmation of burger consumption or trail conditions.


Mike Miles said...

You know you guys are going to eat burgers at the warmest part of the day right? Like the time of day when an outdoor ride could be at least considered? Not sure what the roads will be like, probably good idea just to hit the basement early. 5 Guys, is good, I recommend it.

johnny said...

Share the regular fries. They give you way WAY too many. They fill the container then dump more in the sack.

munsoned said...

Mike, agreed on the trainer idea. I have too much stuff to do tomorrow, otherwise I'd join you.

Johnny, thanks for the recommendation.