Monday, December 14, 2009

An Exercise (or lack thereof) in Futility

I've been on a bike 2 times in the last 7 days. That is not normal for me at all. I rode to work last Friday, which was fun, but the rest of the days I was either off work or took the bus. Took the bus today since there's a nice layer of ice under a fresh layer of snow. I would've had no issue getting into work on the bike, but I'm leery of drivers.

I guess you could say I'm becoming more cautious (and/or pessimistic) in my older age. I just don't trust motorists in this weather. I made it fine the last few winters, but for some reason, I feel like the bus is just as good, and much safer, than riding into work.

Mr. Miles and I attempted to ride Manawa on mountain bikes on Sunday. It was not happening. Apparently, snowmobiles don't pack down snow, they just glide over it. We tried but gave up after too much hike a bike. We opted for the paved trails around there. We went one way till the trail was plowed no more, then went the other way till the drifts were again impassable. We got maybe an hour in on the bikes. So that whole trip wasn't quite worth the effort, but it was fun to hang out with Mr. Miles anyway.

Speaking of having fun hanging out. Fred, his friend from highschool, Peter, and I ate some good burgers at 5 Guys Burgers. It was pretty good, but not outstanding. But talking with the guys was fun. Peter if you read this, we should hang out again on Tuesday evening. Let me know if you're free.

So anyway, it's December 14th, and I'm tired of snow already. Supposedly this is going to be an El Nino winter in which the beginning is rough then gets mild later. I sure hope so. I gots the spring fever now.


Mike Miles said...

Well the Garmin said we got in 56 minutes so I'll call that an hour. Topping that off with another hour on the trainer last night was a decent way to cap off the week... I wonder if any gravel will be decent by this coming weekend.

RD said...

i'm wondering about gravel as well if we get fresh snow Friday i'm going to rent some snowshoes and hit up manawa

dale said...

Rode 7 miles to church Sunday morning - about 45 minutes. Got on the Big Papio just before Dodge St to find out they didn't plow under Dodge. Nice ride.

That and Monday night was all I rode last week.

brady said...

RD: where to rent snowshoes?

RD said...

uno venture center cheap as well

munsoned said...

Here's the list of stuff they rent. Most the way down the page is their winter stuff. Cross country skis and snow shoes.

I recommend OVC as I used to work there during college.

Anonymous said...


I'm free Tuesday. Gimme a ring.


Shim said...

We rode gravel Sunday, it was awesome and will only get better.

Mike Miles said...

Thanks for the comment Shim. I think gravel is the ticket for this weekend. Don't consider this a formal post, but plans could start to shape up between now and then?

Gravel has to be better than 6 hrs in the basement besides its supposed to be mid 30's not even I think that is too cold to ride outside in.