Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shomer Shabbos!

So, what's the deal? Looks like SSE wind at or around 20 mph. That'll be fun.

I'm looking for three hours, max. Because my legs are pretty much shredded.

I won't be able to get out until 10:30 at the earliest, so let's get this stuff figured out, yeah?


munsoned said...

Agreed!! Where are we starting?

Crane, or Scooters?

Brady just called and said he was up for a ride, however, I think he's more along the lines of 2pm.


Any compromises?

munsoned said...

Just looking at the weather, they say afternoon thunder showers with South East winds 20-30mph.

Earlier would probably be better.

brady said...

I can bump up to 1:00 PM.

Since winds are out of the south, how about heading S on Keystone for 90 minutes or so then turning back for a nice tailwind?

So, I vote to meet at Crane's Coffee on Cass and 76th at 1:00 PM.

brady said...

If the weather is looking really poor for mid afternoon, I could make 12:00 if I hustled.

bryan said...

1 is fine. Let us know if it's looking like 12, Brady.

But really, I think 1 will be fine with weather.

munsoned said...

Yeah, 1 would work for me and I don't think the storms are supposed to roll in till the after-afternoon. Like 5 or 6pm. So we should be safe.

I say, 1pm at Crane, Bryan can get a little more time in by meeting us there, then we head South on the Trail. The trail would be safest, cause we could easily turn tail, head to my place and take cover if the weather turns bad in a hurry. Then I could drive people home if need be.

Just thinking ahead.

bredemske said...

alert! alert!

I'm not going to ride today. Sorry, guys. My left knee was really sore at the end of the race yesterday, and it's not any better today. It's kind of funny, really -- I was so focused on managing other kinds of pain that I didn't notice my knee. Once we got to the top of that god-forsaken hill, it very suddenly showed itself.

So I'm going to be nice to it today. Enjoy the ride, boys. Stop in and say 'hi' sometime this week. Oh, and buy some stuff, too.

brady said...

I'm still in for 1:00pm. Easy tempo

munsoned said...

I'm way beat up, but I'll be there. I've gone from a half hour weekdays with a few hours over the weekend to 1-3 hours every day (minus 1) since a week ago yesterday.

So instead of the recommended 10% increase, I just did probably 70%.

The next few days are going to be crappy weather, so that's when I'll stay inside and recover.

Brady, I'll see you at 1 at Crane. Or would a different meeting spot be better? Let me know.

brady said...

1PM at Crane it is