Friday, March 06, 2009

It's been almost a month.

I've been riding.  But only for a whopping total of about half hour each work day.  I haven't ridden more than that since February 10th.

Until last night.  I joined some wide tired brethren on a couple hour jaunt last night.  We headed south with a wind to a tune of 20-ish mph.  We picked up a couple friends along the way, and also picked up pace into a cross-headwind.  After a hotlap around the lake, we kept the pace medium almost all the home.  The North-ish wind had died down so our efforts didn't have to be too hard to maintain 19mph.  But man it felt good to ride fast with friends.

After dropping off people along the route, Ryan, Roxy, Larry, and I ate at my neighborhood healthy spot.  I had a delicious tuna sammich with edamame and, after bidding the last peeps farewell, mosied the 3 blocks home.

A great end to a much needed evening ride.


RD said...

so it's supposed to rain saturday day and night... are you guys riding sunday if not raining?

munsoned said...

That is a most likely yes, if that makes any sense.

I shall post plans when they are made.

dale said...

That was fun! My third ride of 2hrs+ this year. I wondered how fast we were going. That was a fast tempo for me until my legs got heavy and yo yo'd off the back. Glad I brought some extra clothing for the hour ride home after eating. Food was nicely digested.