Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Spring, Hello......Winter??

So just last week it was awesome.  I put in about 15 hours of riding (after quite a few 5 hr weeks) in the upper 60 degree weather.

I rode into work this morning and it was COLD!!  Not quite cold-as-the-ass-of-death like we had during real winter, but still cold.  According to Accuweather, right now, an hour after my ride into work, it's 23 degrees with an 8 mph wind.  So that makes it a "RealFeel" of 15 degrees.  I know it was windier and colder when I rode in before there was any real sun, so I had to be riding in the single digits again.  And I was way under dressed for it.  Oops.

So this weekend, well Saturday at least, there are some plans being thrown around, along with some wrenches.  I'm kinda on the same page as Brady with wanting to ride later in the day.  2pm would be the warmest at mid 40 degrees vs 30 degrees at 10am.  But then again, riding with the guys who will be hitting singletrack will be nicer than battling a frigid Northern wind for an hour or so.

Any takers?  Any suggestions?


Mike Miles said...

I'd be down with a 2 PM start somewhere for Saturday. With the way the weather's been all week 3 hrs at a conversational pace on Sunday would be ideal. I liked Bryan's idea of after lunch with the caveat that it is a gentlemanly pace.

Scott Redd said...

The commute was a little breezy and chilly this morning. I anticipated the cold and responded by layering up top a bit and digging out the glove liners.

The bitter north wind, experienced fully by my northerly ride, caused me to stop and pull the balaclava down over my face. Its previous role was to cover my ears and top of my head. Ah, much better. It's amazing what a thin layer of fleece on the cheeks can do.

Munson: I'd like to take you up on the loaner handlebar offer, as well as maybe some fitting advice. Please let me know the best way to get them. I'm always up for a meet at the Blue Planet.

munsoned said...

Mike, I'll post a ride plan for the weekend soon.

Scott, you can email me anytime: cyclery88 at the gmail dot com thing.