Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ouch, that was a bad idea.

I brought to work Brady's lobster gloves that I so thankfully borrowed from him on this last weekends Flahute ride.  I had a great plan to make a big loop up North and hit his house on the way home so I could deliver his gloves to him.  Well, things didn't go as planned.  I made my way toward the airport and it just got worse and worse as I started to turn directly into the wind.  So I followed my childhood hero's advice.

My nose told me, "Turn around now, or you're going to lose me!"  So, I turned around right at the last downtown exit.  I then snaked through town to get to Brady's abode and dropped his gloves off in his mailbox.  On my return trip home, I passed MOD on his sweet Fisher Simple City.  His studded tires made a sound like he was riding on gravel.  Come to think of it, he looked a lot like this fellow:

So anyway, I got home and man was I cold.  I didn't dress right for the 20 degrees and wind weather.  Oh well.  It's nice and toasty inside so that's where I'm stayin!


brady said...

Got the gloves - thanks. I wore them for today's 12°F (feels like 0°F) commute in to work. They're a better option than the ghetto solution I wore during yesterday's feels like -5°F chilly ride.

Also - never heard of "Flahute" - Bryan has my vote from last weekend's ride.

munsoned said...

Again, sorry about taking so long to get those back to you. Curious, what was your ghetto solution? Did it involve duct tape?

This morning did feel warmer compared to yesterday, huh? I think the evil North wind was just too much. But now it's out of the South, so that's better. I also wore better clothing this morning. I tried to be aero yesterday so I wore long sleeve base layer, jersey, vest, and arm warmers up top, then just bike shorts and fleece tights on bottom. That didn't cut it yesterday.

Today I just wore short sleeve wool shirt, long sleeve thermal jersey, bike shorts, leg warmers, and my knickers. I was sweating by the end of my 15 minute commute. That long sleeve thermal jersey(made by Voler), the same one I wore for our Flahute ride, is amazingly warm. I have an older version that has no venting, aside from using the zipper. The newer version has some lighter breathable material along the underside of the arm and along the sides. Kinda wish I had one.

bryan said...

nah -- it wasn't me. I had to be out there for training. Nobody else really did. Flahute to you and you and you and you, though.