Monday, December 15, 2008

Fingers slammed in a car door.

That's what my index and pinky finger on my right hand only feel like after riding to work.  Everything else is just fine, but my index and pinky finger.  I was even sweaty by the time I got there.  Good cycling clothes are amazing.

About halfway there, I realized I couldn't feel my pinky on my right hand, and shifting was getting really difficult.  I had my bike in the house overnight, so I'm thinking the warmth to freeze factor might have caused some icing of parts.  Any shift I did took quite a bit of force.  I think this is what caused my index finger to get angry.  Cause after getting inside, it hurt like crazy.

But I made it anyway.  I actually would have taken the bus, but I didn't have any money.  I should have had money, but my change jar had been raided by Michelle. *scowls*  So I need to build that back up for the next time when it's probably wiser to travel protected from the elements.


Scott Redd said...

Awesome ride! If your fingers turn black, you might want to go see your doctor.

I had some trouble shifting my chainring down to an easier hill climbing gear. I wouldn't shift at all. I had to suck it up.

brady said...

Good job Scott and Mike.

I rode the bus and am opting to commute by bike on a nicer day this week. Hmmm, let's see what my choices are: 2° tomorrow, 7° Weds, 9° Thurs and 4° Friday.

Munson - try wearing latex gloves beneath your liners. I'm curious to see if that really works before my commute in on Thursday

Joe said...

You da man Mike. I thought I toughed out yesterdays storm at 16° pretty well but -4° is a bit chilly.

EB said...

FYI No shifting is required on a fixed gear

munsoned said...

Scott, glad to see I'm not the only crazy one.

Brady, I should try the latex glove thing. It makes sense.

Joe, Bryan and I stayed indoors and did a group trainer ride on Sunday. So my 15 minutes in this weather is probably the same as your longer ride on Sunday.

Eric, I reeeeeaally don't need another bike. But you're right, all shifting problems would be solved by just doing away with the whole thing. And since my commute is on a really flat route, I seriously don't need gears.

bryan said...

I did no shifting today. My car does that for me.

Yeah, I'm a loser.

MOD said...

All I can say is, the internal 3 speed is awesome, and with the coaster brake I don't have to worry about the freewheel slipping.

Nice job to all for making it happen.