Friday, December 12, 2008

And the Forecast Sayssss.....

More wind.

Saturday, high of 40, cloudy, 20mph South winds.  

Sunday, temp of 30 in the morning, down to 10 degrees by the afternoon, which means an evil cold front brung in by lots of blustery North wind.  I think this would be a good trainer day.

Oh wait!  That crazy 6/12 hour trainer thing is this weekend at Bike Masters right?  Bryan, are you hitting the trainer all weekend?  

Anyone else have any ride ideas?  I'm up for whatever.


bryan said...

trainer? Ummm ... no. Not at all, if I can help it.

My Saturday plans are completely up in the air -- to be decided tonight.

Sunday, though, I'd be willing to ride early in the cold to beat the front. I'll hopefully only need 2 hours. But it depends upon Saturday ... which I don't know about. Sweet.

munsoned said...

So you're hoping for another 4 hour joy ride tomorrow?

bryan said...

Nope -- only three. I'll have 7.5 hours in when I get home tonight, so that leaves only 5 for the weekend.

bryan said...

Saturday -- Joe is setting up a ride at noon at Wehrspan (or however you spell it). The winds are supposed to be 10-20 mph. That's not that bad. I need 3 hours.

Sunday -- Things are supposed to get nasty around 10 or 11. I'm cool with riding early, like at 7. I need 2 hours.

All plans subject to change.

munsoned said...

Sounds good to me vern.

Noon at Wehrspahnj (the j is silent)for Shabbos then early to beat the cold-as-the-ass-of-death front on Shabbos + 1.

Got any idea where we're meeting at Wehrsahnj?