Friday, October 31, 2008

The Bob has a Plan

Make sure to check out Bob's blog about weekend after this one. It'll be some great fun. We also might have some extra gear or rental places in mind that will allow the less gear havin people to join in.

This weekend: I'm on call Saturday morn. Would love to do an afternoon ride if anyone is interested. It's supposed to get up to 70!!!

Sunday, no plans, but if I do go, I'd like to be done early. So the normal meeting time/place would be fine by me. Or we could meet somewhere else, whateva.


bryan said...

Saturday I might be riding southerly to get the SRM installed. I'll let you know.

Sunday, I'm down for 8 at Crane. Maggie, my coworker, might be joining us, and she's down for 2 hours. Right, Maggie?

Joe said...

Saturday, Rich Anderson and I are working something up for the afternoon. I will keep you posted.

Biker Bob said...

I've got the in-laws in town this weekend, so probably no riding for me.

But if I'm able to get out on Saturday, I'll check here to see what the plan is and possibly crash the party.

Biker Bob said...

Current forecast for Coin, IA on Saturday night shows below freezing overnight temps. Brrr!

Mike... when did you want me to stop by and put on that rack?

munsoned said...

Eh, whenever. I work 9am-6pm this month. So just email me when you plan on it.

Biker Bob said...

Let's shoot for Thursday at 6:30. I'll bike by your place.

Do we want to do a camp fire that night? I might be able to call the city clerk and see if anyone near there would have some wood for sale.

Then again, if it's below freezing, I'm not sure a camp fire would be an enjoyable experience (blistered on one side, frozen on the other).

munsoned said...

Agreed. Campfire might be too much. Man, we are going to need to be bundled up big time. That'll be interesting!