Monday, October 20, 2008

My commute to work this AM

After a "wee excursion" of 105 miles on Sunday, my 2.5 mile ride into work this morning was almost unbearable.  I was quite sad.  If this is the case now, then 3 weekends from now, when I'm supposed to be starting the 2nd half of 360 miles, it will be much, much worse.  

So maybe we jumped the gun on the whole Omaha to Kearney and back trip.  If I had another month or so to train for it, I think my body could build up tolerances enough to make it.  By the end of the ride yesterday, my legs were just kinda tired, but my bum, hands and feet were not doing well at all.  My hands were getting tingly from my nerves/muscles wearing down.  Shifting was very difficult by the end.  Then, there was one point where I was a few blocks from home waiting at a stop light.  It turned green and I stood to pedal, but when I sat down again, I almost yelped out loud.  My rear did not want to be on a saddle anymore.  I was beyond ready to be done.

The ride itself, up till the end, was great.  Bryan had a good report of the ride (the Sunday one, not the pepper spray threatened one), but I had wanted to put in more miles for 2 reasons.  One, I wanted to see what a century felt like since I was going to be doing a couple 180 mile days in a few weeks.  Two, I had a Challenge on the website where I would win a pair of SRAM socks if I was one of the first 300 people to get 300 miles in.  I wanted those socks and I wasn't going to waste any time getting them.  So 105 miles had to be done.  One thing Bryan did forget to mention was a fun little climb we did in the middle of the ride.  After you head North from Pacific Junction and cross hwy 34, there's a road that heads straight up into the bluffs to someone's house.  The road is gravel for the flat part, but then is nicely paved when the grade increases.  My Garmin read 17% at one point.  Granted, the whole climb was probably a block long, it was still STEEP but fun.

Riding back to Bryan's house was aided by a very welcome tailwind.  We got there and I was feeling ok with 75 miles.  I needed another 30 to reach my goal, and it was about 12 miles from Bryan's to my place.  So I headed NorthWest toward Elk City.  That of course, meant more headwind for the ride home, but I was ok with that.  After mile 70, it's generally about just surviving anyway.  So I headed out, turned around and was impressed that the wind didn't seem that bad.  I think it had shifted to a more SSW wind by that point, so anytime I was heading East, I was getting a little bit of help.  But again, by the time I was a couple miles from home, I was definitely feeling it.

So that really raises questions about the likelyhood of the big trip in 3 weeks.  I'm thinking we should train for it over the winter and make it a big spring fling.  Something to start the season off with a big bang.  Plus then, maybe more people will be willing to join us?  Maybe?


bryan said...

that was a long, long morning. And I was way too bonky for the last 10 miles. Guess that's my own fault, though.

we need to find more stupid hills like that one in Iowa.

munsoned said...

Oh I got a couple more. We could even do some crazy "Tour de Stupido Hills" where we putz all around town attacking each hill that would constitute as crazy stupid. In fact, I need to plan a map of this very tour. Thanks for giving me something to do tonight while I let my legs recover.

Biker Bob said...

That sounds....enjoyable.

Bryan... interested in joining us on Nov 8/9 if we do something a little less crazy?

bryan said...

bob -- yes, but no. We're going to be out of town that weekend.

EB said...

I'll join the partners in crime

munsoned said...

Aha! Eric, what we have sorta planned now is riding from somewhere in Omaha (maybe from Bob's for more distance) over to the Wabash Trace, then riding all the way to the end to camp. The total for one way will be 80-90 miles, depending on where we start. We will camp over night then head back home the next day.

It's gonna be a self guided thing, so we are still figuring out the logistics of that. I have some lightweight camping gear and ways to carry it on my bike. Bob has heavier-duty camping gear, but is trying to decide if he want to lug his trailer around or figure out something different.

A basic packing list would be:
-small tent
-sleeping bag
-food for few meals

We're still figuring out what will be open when, in terms of food, but the list above is essential for an overnight stay. Let us know if you're still in.

EB said...

bivvy sac?
Ride thru the night?

Biker Bob said...

Riding through the night would put us back up into the 130-170 mile range if we went out and back, but we wouldn't have to carry gear other than food. Possible, but we would be without food stops for a good portion of the ride.

I don't have a "bivvy sac".

If we did a "strait through" ride, I would want to stop for a LONG break in Shenandoah on the way back. Maybe 3 or 4 hours or more. Then we could do the remainder of the ride at night.

It's an option.

I'm still looking in to how I would carry all the gear if we camped over night. The budget analysis says no new rack and tent for me at this time. So I think I would have to pull our trailer or borrow a BOB trailer to put my existing gear in.

Scott Redd said...

I've been warming up my wife to a ride like this. I think it's too late in the season now (for us) with the wide temperature fluctuations, decreasing sunlight, and busy home schedule.

Also, neither of us has ridden more than 40 miles at once, so we might plan to ride leisurely to Shenandoah, stay overnight in a hotel, then ride back the next day, saving the full Wabash ride for later.

Can one rent trailers for this sort of trip?

munsoned said...

Eric, Bivvy away if you are comfy with that. I've done the down and back in one day deal and that was purdy tough. We started from the trailhead which helped, and we made the mistake going to the end without food (besides a couple bars). We thought there was someplace to eat at the end and there wasn't, so we angrily pedaled back the 17miles to Shenandoah to eat there. That was a fun/terrible day.

Bob, like I mentioned in the email, I could probably get my dad's rack and panniers if you'd like. Let me know.

Scott, I don't think there's anyplace in Omaha that rents trailers. But usually if you're friends with someone who has one, you could offer a "6-pack exchange rate" and see if they go for it.

EB said...

yeah im just game for an epic ride with ya guys-
any way you wanna roll is fine by me
Bob if you need a lightweight tent i may be able to help-

Biker Bob said...

Mike... yeah, lets see if I can use your Dad's rack/panniers and I can see what I can fit on them.

Eric... if my tent wont fit on the rack, I may need to take you up on that lightweight tent.

I may also be able to borrow a BOB trailer, but that would not be my preference for a long ride.

I'm still checking in to camping. There are a few options in Shenandoah but I'm still trying to contact somebody in the know down at Coin or Blanchard. I'll keep you posted.

Some night riding does sound fun though. Maybe we can get down to blanchard, set up camp, ride back to Shenandoah for a late dinner, and back to camp that night. Obviously, we may want to start at the trailhead if we will be adding 34 miles to Saturday's ride. That would put us right at 100 miles for Saturday and 63 miles for the return trip.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what is the longest ride you have done in a Day?

Biker Bob said...

110 on a crushed rock trail similar to the wabash.

bryan said...

105ish for me. God, that was a long, slow day.

munsoned said...

I've done 144 miles with a training crit mixed in the middle - rode from West Omaha to Branched Oak, did the training crit, then rode home. And the 130 miles on Wabash down and back.

Biker Bob said...

Here is the info for camping:

There is NO camping in Blanchard but there IS camping in Coin at the "Wabash Trace Park". Camping fees are $7 per tent and $2 per person. Camping fees can be placed in the lock box on Main Street and 1st.

There are bathrooms and electricity is available. I let them know we would be there on November 8th so that they would leave the bathrooms unlocked for us that night instead of locking them at 8:00pm.

There is a Restaurant in town called the "Gold Coin Restaurant" and it should be open till 2:00am. We may need to look up their number and see what time the kitchen closes and what food they offer.

The Campground has grills, picnic tables, and an apple tree that may still have apples on it by then.

You can get additional information from Kathy, the City Clerk at (712) 583-3523 between 9:00am and noon.

Joe said...

I have done 220 from Jacksonville, Fl to Tallahasse, Fl. Pretty flat there

EB said...

I boxed up my bike a few years ago and took a train to Denver then rode down to Monte Vista visit a friend
I think it was near 240

Biker Bob said...

Yikes... that's a long bloody way. I plan to break 200 someday but hope to have a couple people with me to help break the wind and keep it entertaining.

FYI, Mike and EB. I sent out an email to a few more people to see if they were interested. I'll let you know if I hear anything back from them.

brady said...

bivvy sack -is that some sort of loin cloth for the johnson and 'nards?

Anyway, I have a blackburn rack and panniers I could strip from my commuter and offer to the group if needed.

Biker Bob said...

Better yet, keep them on your bike and come with us.

EB said...

Lucas may join us as well

Scott Redd said...

My longest ride is only 42 miles: to the Wabash Trace and back.

Coincidentally, I rode 42 miles from home to the south end of the Keystone/Bellevue Loop and back the week before.

Looks like 42 is the answer to some very important question. :)

I am about 95 percent commuter and 5 percent pleasure/fitness rider. I'd like to even that ratio out a little over time.

I would very much like to do a Wabash Trace ride/camp some time in the future, but unfortunately, I can't this season.

Be sure to blog the trip so the rest of us can enjoy it, too. You can use your cellphone to post blog notes and pictures from the trail.

Biker Bob said...

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, but I'm not set up to blog on the move just yet. I just have a standard cell phone with no keypad, so text would be a bit difficult.

You know, you could always meet us part way down the trail at one of the towns if you would like to join in.