Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not to steal the thunder of cometitive sleeping ...

But check out the newest post on my blog -- it's a cool idea and plan that could turn into a very cool event. Worth your time for a little click. And send any input my way.

Continue the nap.


munsoned said...

I just noticed your post and plan to either help or ride. Let me know if helping would ..... um.... help. I mean volunteering instead of riding. I mean.... Well... You know what I mean.

bryan said...

Helping would be pretty easy until everyone got back. Here's my plan:

1. give cue sheets, start the ride
2. sit around for a couple of hours
3. weigh each rider's cache when they get back
4. hang out
5. announce prizes
6. hang out
7. go home.

To keep things moving, we'll need someone with the clock and the list of riders, two people for check-in (checking receipts and bags) and another for weighing. So probably 4-5 people total. Chris will probably be there, but so will our kid. She may only be able to do so much.

So yes, you helping would help.