Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey, you know what's awesome?

Shabbos +1 is awesome. That's why we should go ride bikes on that day.
Leave Caribou at 7:30
Go ride around
Come home (hopefully before the kid is screaming too much)

I have a one-time pass (because Grandma will be here), so I should -- nay, MUST -- use it.


fredcube said...

Yeah, that's the newbie way to read your "one-time pass". I'm not suggesting that you do the following. I'm just saying it's a better way to play it (in the long run).

Family: Are you going to do the shabbos ride Sunday?

Clever cyclist: Naaah. I just don't think I'm ready to be away for that long yet. Maybe next time. Maybe never. Who cares. We got us a family, here!

munsoned said...

I'll be there.

bryan said...


Hey Mike -- wanna run tomorrow morning? I'm thinking 11 or so.

Matt N said...

I can't be there. I'm re-building my felt frame tomorrow and converting my MTB wheels to tubeless, so I'm a little booked. Also It's my first day off in 2 weeks and guess where I'll be......At the shop

bryan said...

we should get a trailer so you could come along anyway.

Hey, remember that one kid who rode with us that one time? Peter, I think his name was. He said, "We should meet at a coffee shop, because a ton of people would show up that way."

Haven't seen him since. Come home, Peter. Come home.

munsoned said...

Sorry for the late response Bryan, but no, I can't go running with you at 11 am today. It's already passed.

I had the whole setup/volunteer at/stand all day in the sun/tear down thing going with the NE State MTB Champs down at Swanson. Our team was the host, so I had to host it up. Awake at 6:30am, dressed in pants, a t-shirt, lycra arm warmers (no sticky sun block), and a fishermans hat. I think the only thing that got sunburned was a very small stripe on the back of my neck (between the hat and the shirt), and my eyeballs. I should worn sunglasses. It was a bright one today. Nice though.

All this to-do on my b-day also. Yay, I'm 30. Anyway....

See all 2 or 3 of you all tomorrow morning at 7:30. Brian, sometime I think this ride needs to be the "heavy ass bike" ride. I got a Bianchi commuter that's heavier than my MTB. And I'm pretty sure Fred's old Lemond is no lightweight. Some time we should try that out. Maybe when it's snowing...... I'M IN!!!!!

bryan said...

Mike, if you're there by 7:20, I'll buy your espresso for your birthday.