Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now that was a Thursday night ride!!

So I got off work at 3:30, officially clipped into the pedals at 3:45. I rode South for a good hour and a half then started making my way back toward High Gear. Along the way I was tempted to break out the camera phone to take a pic of this awesome view. On the Bellevue loop right at Hayworth park, there's those huge fields. Well since the snow had been undisturbed and melted a little, it looked like a sea of white glass in the sunset. It was amazing.

I got to High Gear right at 6pm and started shedding layers. Hopped on the trainer by about 6:15 and zoned out for an hour-forty five. Rode alongside Shim, Pool, Jarrett, and the man, Frank. We watched the 13th(?) stage of Tour day France '05. It was nice to watch the vid, but man being on the trainer is torture.

So 2:15 outdoors before the trainer ride, 1:45 on the trainer, then another 25 min. on the way home outside. 4.5 hours works for me. Now if I can just do that at least once a week....

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