Monday, January 29, 2007

East for Easton

Today in the World Herald there was a tinny blurb on the front page of the Business section about how Easton-Bell Sports Inc. will be sending its manufacturing operations from southern California to China. It's corporate offices however will remain in Los Angeles.
Now if my brain serves me correctly which it seldom does, I want to say our Lemond frames are made of Easton aluminum tubing. I couldn't find any mention of Easton on Lemond's website, so maybe somebody could clearify that for me.
In any case, many teams and and company's use or spec Easton's tubing and components. Thus another prime American made cycling product will now be adorned with "made in China" stickers.
In other news, US exports to China increased 33% in 2006 with US exports increasing in general as well. China now ranks as our third largest export market behind Canada and Mexico. Indeed, figures now show exports growing almost 3 times the rate of imports.

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munsoned said...

What I don't understand is if we're sending stuff to them and they're sending stuff to us, why don't both countries just stop and save all that shipping time? I guess it would depend on what's being shipped and all. I'm sure we get a lot of things from China that don't work well with our ideals. Such as dirt cheap Walmart clothing that is made by sweat-shop working 8 year olds. And also tiny inch by inch microchips that are created at huge smoke billowing, greenhouse gas spewing factories. Just a couple things that we'll support with our dollars, but not on our continent.....

Our Lemond frames are not made with Easton tubes, I'm pretty sure. Usually if a frame is made using Easton, there's lots of Easton stickers. Just like Columbus steel. Lots of bikes are made of steel, but only ones with their official stickers are made with Columbus pipes. Just my guess.