Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Holy Foggy Glasses, Batman!!!

So I look outside my window this morning to see if there really was fog like the interweb said. Sure looked clear to me. I was sleepy anyway so I forgot to put on my cycling glasses and just had my regular einsteins on. Well after I rode down the first hill, I found this "fog" they were talking about. And what happens to fog when it hits a solid object at 23 degrees class?? That's right, instant frostiness on the glasses rendering them useless. I normally would have ridden on Center and Saddle Creek to get to work which are unusually un-busy at 6am. However, since I was riding without vision correction and was afraid of being mowed over by a car that couldn't see me until it was too late, I rode the trail over to Aksarben, thru Elmwood park to Leavenworth street, and on into work. It felt kinda nice having the breeze directly on my otherwise covered eyeballs. That is, until a nice chunk o' salt kicked up from my front tire decided to ruin that fun. So that was an experience. Frozen fog is not my friend...

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