Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maybe I'll take up Hard Liquor

Yeah, yeah, it's been a while. What's the old saying? "If you don't have anything nice to say, don'tsay anything at all." Yeah.

Aside from the once easy but now more difficult 3 mile commute to and from work, riding has been on the back burner. Even with all this nice weather.

I have ridden from work to the bike building job for Trek Papio a couple times. But I've been zonked after that, so I fear what a Wednesday Night Worlds or fast weekend ride could bring.

So to get away from the epic pasttime of video games, I wanted to try something new. I also needed a new belt for work as my current one is somehow shrinking. What?

I picked up a basic leather working kit from Tandy Leather. I had tried leather working when I was much younger without great results. Now that I'm more patient (maybe less ADD?) I can put in the time to get good at the stamping, carving, tooling, etc of fancy leather working. Besides, my work belt is just too tight even with the added hole on the end. What?

Would it be cheaper and healthier to eat smarter and exercise more? Well yes. But that would take time away from leather working and drinking beer and Playstation and ....

So anyway....

My big bro and a few other people I know have posted requests on Facebook and gotten great results. Need a cheap beater car to get you through the year? Someone on Facebook might have one. Need baby stuff because you have no money at age 19 and work at a restaurant? A well-to-do couple might have loads of things they'll never need again since all their babies are in school now.

I ask for a simple slate of steel or smooth rock for my leather working hobby on Facebook and get this:

friend 1: Only if you build me a leather mask....
friend 2: can you make me a nice Brooks saddle?
friend 3: Check any counter top company like Martins or Universal. They have remnants laying around I think you could pick up pretty cheap.
friend 4: Stupid granite taking up all that counter space.
friend 5: I have a big piece of concrete in my backyard, I will check the dimensions for ya. It is a little jagged around the edges, however.

Three comedians and a couple helpful responses. Alas, I guess that's the way most internet posts go. Thank you friends, for the suggestions and laughs.

I asked around at work too and found out that my boss used to do leather working as a serious hobby/extra income. He has a ton of tools and books about it. He also brought in a couple slates of granite for me to have. Awesome!

Not awesome was lugging it home in a messenger bag on the bike. I came home and had to know how much I was toting:

Along with that, I had some books. I'm guessing I had a loaded road bike in my messenger bag. I survived, but was worried about tipping over at stops.

So, I'm gonna put together a couple items to get some leather working in. Then I'll get my belt all fancy and nice lookin.

Then I might combine all my new trades and make this:

Anyone know of a good cheap vodka?

Cue the comedians!!!!


fredcube said...

Sorry Munson, I didn't notice this until today. If it makes you feel any better, I tried to misuse Facebook once too. I wanted someone to loan me some rollers for a while to see if I liked them. Nobody responded. Comically or otherwise. The story ends happily, though (Can't say "has a happy ending" anymore without massage parlor related comments). I just went ahead and bought some rollers. I don't know how others like them, but for me they are by far the most interesting way to train indoors.
BTW - Brady and I have entered into an agreement to post to our respective blogs at least once a week with the deadline being 4:59 A.M. on Friday. I think you should join the pact.

Fred Hinsley said...

And yes. I figured you'd see the comment eventually. But I can't just go ahead and tell you about it now can I? You've got to seek these things out. It's like I always say, "If a tree falls and no one's taking a dump, do I need a Visa to go to Bogota?" Then people take the part of the salmon the grizzly bear discarded, and slap me with it. Don't ask me to explain, I don't understand it either. Let's just agree to disagree.