Sunday, April 03, 2011

TAG! I'm it.

So I finally got that cold that everyone else and their mom has had. My wife had it like 3 weeks ago, so I must have caught it from someone else. A co-worker of mine called in sick a day before I would've called in had it not been Saturday. I actually still had to work that day since there was an event that no one else could work. Oh well, overtime pay is always welcome.

I hope all you peeps at the MTB races had fun. Wish I could've been there to help out and watch/heckle.

Not much going on in Munson land. Just payin off debt, workin for The Man. I don't have any guarantees, but in the next few months, I might be getting into a house and/or getting a new position at work with a bump in pay. Hopefully both happen, but only time will tell.


That is all.

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