Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mills County Gravel

Hey PCL worlds are right around the corner. I have been of bike for about 2 weeks so in order to get some time in saddle I will be riding mills county gravel roads. This Saturday meet around 7:00 am meet at scooters downtown.


munsoned said...

Rafal, Mr. Miles and I are planning a ride from his place (180th and Q) to Platte park, do a couple laps, then ride home for Saturday. He'll be on his full sus bike, and I'll be on my rigid 29er. I'll be putting gears on it since this ride will be a stretch for me anyway. We'll leave his place at 6am, so it'll be an early one. Let me know if you want to carpool.

RD said...

I think I will skip as my brakes hose needs to be trimmed on my new bike ... We hitting up bacon sunday though