Friday, July 02, 2010

Observed Independence Day Morning Ride

Edit: by Fourth of July, I meant its observed holiday, Monday July 5th.

Roll call for an early Independence Day observed holiday ride. All are welcome.

: Forecast calls for winds to be light (5-10 mph) out of the Northeast. Perhaps Mod's route through Crescent, IA will be the way we go. Plan on around 60 miles.

Time: 7:00 AM

Meet: Crane Coffee at 76th and Cass

Pace will be easy with a few up-tempos if we're feeling our oats. Afterward, we could crash Fred Hinsley's neighborhood bike parade. 'Roll with Jack and Abe (and Fred).

Decorate your bike accordingly.


bryan said...

hmmm ... 6:30 from Wohlners or 7 from Crane?

bryan said...

That's crazy talk now. Gotta work. Sorry man.

munsoned said...

I'll be there unless it's raining aardvarks and platypi.