Saturday, November 07, 2009

Eleven Eight O Nine

Sunday Ride Details are below... I may or may not be in attendance but I'll be there in spirit at the very least (which means I'll be sleeping in if I don't show)
Place: Scooters @ 120th and Blondo Street
Time: 9 AM Central Standard Time
Duration: 3 Hours
Pace: In the words of one confirmed participant "steady" so I'd say not super easy but its pretty well assured nobody will get dropped.

That is all.


bryan said...

I make no guarantees about dropping/not dropping.

Hopefully, I can keep up.

munsoned said...

If I can drag my sorry carcass out of bed, I will be there.

I've ridden for 3 days straight!! That's quite a bit for me recently. So I will definitely provide a "boat anchor" feel to the group. I'm just apologizing in advance.