Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anyone not going to Lincoln this weekend?

The Lincoln Cyclocross races are this weekend. If you're fit, go race them. If you want entertainment, go watch them. I think this may be my first year of not attending them. After sucking at racing them (even at my fastest) I would either volunteer, officiate, or just show up to the Lincoln races. Hooligan hill is a good time. Lots of shenanigans going on there. I am not proud to say that I've snatched taped dollar bills from the crotcheral regions of spectators/donators in past races. But after being lapped a few times by the leaders, I didn't care anymore.

So, if you aren't going to join the festivities in Lincoln and want to put in some road/gravel/whatever miles, let me know.


Aaron Pool said...

I'm going to Lincoln... oh wait I live there now.

munsoned said...

Oh Aaron, such a goof.

I slightly pondered riding out to watch the race. But that's like 60-ish miles which would be a full day for me, at my current fitness level. So I'd have to bum a ride off someone which is pretty iffy.

Plus telling the wife that I may be gone the entire weekend probably wouldn't go over too well.

Mike Miles said...

Have fun this weekend Mike, as I think you recall I'm out.

munsoned said...

You have fun as well, Mike. Enjoy your turkey day!