Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Many miles weekend.

After a failed (in more ways than one) trip to Lake Manawa on Saturday, Mr. Miles, Randell, Brady, Scott, and first time Shabbos +1 attendee Jim Maaske went on our Loess Hills adventure. The first part of the ride was fine although a little fast. Jim was our ambassador to the Council Bluffs side since he lives there. He told us about a couple climbs that were going to hurt pretty bad. One right on Badger road and another heading home on Monument road. I know Monument road has some doozies as we rode up it to get to Lewis and Clark trail on our mountain bikes during the Metro Single Track tour. However, we didn't even get there. We, instead were done in by the Badger road climb. Holy Moly this thing was a killer. It had to have been in the teens percent wise of elevation and about 2 to 3 blocks long. Now, it wouldn't have been so bad had we had this happen to us(stolen from the Good Problem blog):

Good stuff. Anyway, after that climb and some subsequent large rock gravel sketchy descents, we packed it in and took Old Lincoln Highway straight back into town and rolled across the pan flat-ness of Council Bluffs. So we got in 80 of the real 90 mile route. That ride may not be happening on road bikes again.

Then on Shabbos +2, Miles, Randell, Bob and I met for an easy ride and to play our "Most Expensive House" game. This is a fun thing to do for recovery rides or just to put some miles in. You and some friends ride to a subdivision where the houses are new and/or huge. Preferably on flatter terrain so you don't have to climb as much. You ride along the streets and look for "House For Sale" signs with brochures available. Once you get to that block, you do a seated high cadence sprint to the house and whoever get's within the vicinity first gets to pick up the flyer. The person who picks out the highest priced house wins. This, of course, creates some strategies as you can choose not to sprint for certain houses if you think their price is not high enough. But don't wait out too long otherwise you may not find a house at all. That makes you the biggest loser. And no one wants to be the biggest loser. We're still figuring out all the little rules, but that's the basic premise of the game. Fun times and good for just tooling around on bikes.

After all the miles though (for me), my legs are pretty dead. I'm ready for some time off or some real easy spins. I will be working next weekend in the AM on Saturday, so that day may be out. But I'll be sure to post some more Shabbos +1 goodness.


RD said...

bacon ride on 20th that is the last one for the year

munsoned said...

Eesh last one, eh? I will have to make it a priority.

RD said...

well not last one but 26th/27th is manawa and octoberfest i have feeling I won't be in "shape" to ride sunday

Scott Redd said...

That Badger hill kicked my butt for the second time. My first encounter on that hill was on my single speed, and I thought to myself as I dismounted and pushed up the hill, "Don't worry, hill. I'll be back. And next time, I'm bringing gears."

Well, it got me again. I just didn't have the mojo to to pedal up the hill on Sunday, even with gears. I kept a big grin on my face for the cars passing by and hiked on up.

Next time, Badger hill, next time!

Here's a link to a photo of the hill.

Flanders said...

Thanks for the ride guys. I had fun. Next time we'll get it done. I think a nice fall day will be perfect for it.
Thanks again for letting me tag along for some of it.

Jonny said...

Munson, I am getting back from Vegas Saturday. You want to do a nice long ride sunday? Ill keep an eye on your blog for a post. Oh, and remember to always bet on black.

Mike Miles said...

I may be up for some miles on Sunday. Trying to get back to Omaha tonight and may race Branched Oak tomorrow but I think there's a chance I won't see home till tomorrow so a nice ride Sunday may be in order.