Thursday, September 03, 2009

3 day weekend!

And we have plans for 2 of those days.

Shabbos(Saturday): 8am mtb ride at Lake Manawa. (earlier if needed??)

Shabbos +1(Sunday): Loess hills extravaganza
meeting place: the new Scooters at 63rd and Center (unless we want to meet downtown somewhere??)
meeting time: (EDIT) 1:30pm
Distance: 90 miles
Pace: probably all over the place. Slow at times, fast at others.
Bikes: It'll be 60% road, 40% gravel; bring what you want. A few of us are rolling the skinnies on road bikes, but run what ya brung.

Shabbos +2: Now taking suggestions, plus any other input on the other 2 rides.


Mike Miles said...

I like the Sat/Sun plan. My ONLY caveat on the whole thing for Sunday is 2:30 gives us just at 5 hrs to get in the whole 90 miles which means we'll have to book it. We can just bring blinkies and that kind of negates the problem.


RD said...

yes i like it even though i won't be here

munsoned said...

Good point, Mike. I forgot it's getting darkish at about 8pm now.

Brady, are you on board with doing 90 miles(and possibly moving the time up to 1:30?), or should we plan a different ride for Monday and do the Loess hills thing in the morning on Sunday?

Mike Miles said...

Anyone want to carpool to Manawa tomorrow?

brady said...

As commented on the Shabbos Field Trip original post (as opposed to the new original post here), Old Yeller and I will be ready for distance and eating gravel at 1:30 Sunday at the new original Scooters (as opposed to the original Starbucks) on 63rd and Ctr.

munsoned said...

Hey Mike, if you want to stop by, that would be awesome. If you show up at 7:20, we'll load up then head over to Scooters and I'll buy you some caffeine since I owe you.

Brady, that sounds great. We should probably bring some blinkies just in case, but I think we'll be ok. I'll edit the post.

Scott Redd said...

Last minute response. I'm in.

Scott Redd said...
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Scott Redd said...

Thanks for the ride, guys. My job is to keep everyone at a nice, recreational pace, and I proudly accomplished that task. :)

Seriously, hanging on 80 miles with you fellows was a hoot, and I hope to repeat it again soon.

I posted the photos at my Facebook profile.