Monday, July 27, 2009

Wabash Adventure

On August 9th I'm planning to ride the Wabash from end to end (and back) in 1 day. It'll be fun and ridden at a moderate pace. I need the hours and would like some company. Any takers?


Jonny said...

Sounds interesting. If I remember correctly this is something like 115 miles or so all on the trail. What bike are you planning on using? I think I might tag along. The milage is a bit long for me but I am sure I can suffer through it..

Miles said...

Its 115-120 miles, yeah. I am going to use my cross bike. Mr. Fenster and I rode to Shenandoah on Saturday and it was in pretty good shape for a road bike with 25c's most of the way. The cross bike was plenty comfy and it was a good time. The climbs don't seem bad at all until you get to what you think is the top and it keeps going and going all at 1-1.5% grade. Pace won't be super fast, just moderate endurance mile type pace.