Monday, July 06, 2009

T minus 4 days.

I'm gettin hitched soon. Friday will be the small wedding deal at the courthouse, Saturday will be spent visiting with incoming relatives/friends, Sunday will the celebration to which I hope everyone will stop by if they can, then Monday will begin a.......


We are heading Westbound for adventures unknown. Well we kinda know what we're doing. We have a rough estimate. 2 weeks of driving, visiting other relatives, seeing some sites, and just relaxing. I may be getting in touch with a couple of you to ask about borrowing some camping equipment. We might visit Yosemite, so camping there would be fun.

It's gonna be a blast, but that means I'll be off the grid for a while. Please be kind to this blog and post ride plans or just talk about whatever. Other wise it'll be a lonely blog.


Scott Redd said...


I've got a two-burner, dual fuel suitcase style camp stove, if you want to use it.

It can burn the Coleman fuel, or in a pinch, unleaded gasoline.

munsoned said...

Thanks for the offer Scott. We probably won't be roughing it that much. Looking at camping spots for where we were thinking (Yosemite), everything's full already, so I doubt we'll actually get to camp. Again, thanks for the offer.

brady said...

I've got a tent and sleeping bags that zip together, but um, as you're newlyweds and such, yeah...good times.

Lemme try this again.

3 season tent
sleeping pads
sleeping bags
ground tarp
gas lantern
MSR Stove kit


thank you, the management

erik said...

yosemite indeed, good plan.

Biker Bob said...

Have a fun trip.

Sorry I didn't make it to the shindig on Sunday. We didn't pull into town yesterday until late, and we were wiped out. It was a long week of camping and we arrived home to a home with no functional A/C. Woot! :-(

Again, enjoy the trip, and congrats.

Oh... and Keli and I would like to take you and your BETTER half to dinner some time when you get back.

Fred Roop said...

Dear Mike,

I wish to join bike ride. You have good blog. We have many bikes in my country, I think it is the fanciest thing a man can do. Bike Fast, YES!

Many times,
Fred Roop


Biker Bob said...

That was interesting. Hello to you Mr. Roop. I do agree that biking fast is fancy.