Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend review.

Saturday - The River City Shootout MTB race at Swanson was great.  I officiated to the best of my abilities and most seemed pretty happy with the race day overall.  I tried to be as quick with results as possible, but that's tough when your hopped up on caffeine and really needing lunch.  Overall, it was a good time.

Sunday - easy ride with Randall in the AM.  Did a couple hours and got 34 miles in.  I was 6 miles short of winning one of my Plus3 Network challenges.  So I rode to the store to by cat food and stopped by the Trek store too.  I will be the proud owner of some Ritchey Socks and, after June, have my name in a drawing for a Ritchey Stem.   If you have a Garmin on your bike, and/or just want to donate to a cause by riding your bike, check out the Plus3 site.  I've raised $50 for Rails to Trails Conservancy just by commuting and riding around.  Pretty sweet deal.

Racers I know - Well there were a ton of people at the MTB race that I wish I could have talked to more, but I was officiating.  So I had to talk when I could, but keep my focus on the race.  There were some Lincoln and Omaha guys that did the TI 5 - Um, anyone that even looked at the starting line of this race has the right to use the term EPIC!  

Mid 30s? - 2 other racers, Syd Brown and Aaron Pool did a wee race called Tour of Gila.  You know, the one that Lance, Levi, Horner, Kristen Armstrong, and all the fastest racers in America did?  Yeah well, Pool ended up 35th (out of 180 starting PROS!!!) and Syd finished 36th!!!  All I gotta say is - Nebraska's got talent.  Great job you two.

I start work building bikes at HighGear on Tuesday.  So it'll be nice to have some extra income, but my riding will suffer.  Well actually, I'll probably be riding more now since I'll be riding from my daytime job, to the part time that's 10 miles away.  So maybe my weekly mileage will go up.  I need the miles.


RD said...

You did great job Saturday.... I will buy you some coffee sometimes

munsoned said...

Thanks Rafal. I am kicking myself for taking too long at the earlier race. I could have just posted the placings, but I'm sure people wanted to know their lap times also. That's hard to do when you have to subtract weird times like 1 minute 33 seconds or 2 minutes 46 seconds from times. Still learning!

Flanders said...

You did a great job Mike. Even with me getting the wrong number and having to come right back to work after the race you had everything right. Jarrett called and told me so ! Everyone did a great job.
I'll see ya building bikes too. I do a day or two a week.
thanks again for all your hard work Sat.

Biker Bob said...

Well done at the race Saturday. If I hadn't been curled up in fetal position after I finished, I would have stopped by to thank you. I also owe you a beverage on the next ride.

LoupGarou said...

Great job Saturday Mike. You guys made it all go smoothly. Thanks again.

sydney said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the mention. Marc also rode to a 17th place finish in the Masters 40+. Not too shabby for a trio of flatlanders in the mountains. Sure looking forward to the Joe Martin Memorial Stage Race this weekend, tho. JMMSR is on the Prestige Series for Women this year and the field reflects that with Tibco, Webcor, ValueAct and other heavy hitters coming to play in Arkansas. Ought to be fun!

munsoned said...

Ah Crap, I forgot to mention Marc. I followed him the first couple days, but after you mentioned he crashed, I didn't know if he would keep going. He's one tough cookie.

Good luck at Joe Martin! I would have had fonder memories (or rather more intact) had I not ended the weekend with a concussion in the final crit. Have fun!