Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Warning: Political Content ahead.

Here's another good reason to vote for Obama in November. Having a presidential candidate who's already talking to the bike industry is a great start. Granted, if (hopefully when) he gets elected, bike lanes won't just pop up over night. But if he can get the wheel rolling, so to speak, then I believe change for the better can happen.

Also, here's a bike that I would love to ride someday, just to see how weird it is. Talk about an ultimate grocery getter.


brady said...

Somebody that promotes the left aught to ride a left-drive bicycle.

Aaron Pool said...

truck-bikes are cool huh, I wonder if Chevy and Trek can come together and make a Silverado-Madone.

On the political side, John Kerry started the race for us on Friday's road stage, so you missed it. It was funny, at one moment I thought I was hearing his voice on the microphone so I look over and there's he is. On the good side he did advocate bike trails, but then again he knew he was talking to a bike race.

Anyway, I can't tell you how awsome it was to have you their supporting the race. I'm used to being surrounded by people speaking Duth when I'm at races, so hearing some call after me or cheer me on in American was great change for once. It was great to have you there. I'll see everyone in the fall.
Back to work.

Oh and "bakfiets" makes a hell of a swear around non Dutch speakers.

munsoned said...

I'm sorry to rain on your left parade brady, but the only way a left drive bike will work is with either a fixed gear or single speed. There's no derailleur hanger on the left side. One thing I did think about after your post though, was what would happen if you could somehow make both sides the drive side? I'm sure it'd have to be a special hub to allow either a freewheel cog or fixed cog that can thread on correctly on both sides. That would be interesting. I think I did read somewhere that someone tried it and found no significant benefit. Bikes are just too darn efficient to begin with.

Aaron, it was a blast cheering on such an enormous event with people I knew competing. Alex Boyd is doing a local race this weekend and is probably going to clean up pretty well. It'll be fun if both you guys can do the last road race in the fall. We will all be humbled in your wakes.

Peter said...

Munson, quit talking about this stuff e-aloud. Get a patent for them a la MOD, then you can be the new BAMF around there. Well, maybe not as BAMF as MOD, but close. But these are some interesting ideas that you are coming up with and I'd hate to see a guy like Bryan take them from you. Bikes are efficient, but anything new sells.

Don't forget that I still owe you a Double Kong and trust me, I need one. I've been Kong sober for a good 11 months now and am long passed due for one.