Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday is the beginning of the end.

I'm tired of wasting away. My quads and calves are thinning down and my waistline is growing. I'm kinda scared about the 80-90 mile ride this Sunday because I haven't ridden that long for at least 6 months. The longest ride in recent memory was riding over to Lake Manawa, doing TT intervals a couple times, then riding home. The total riding time was about 3.5 hours and I was a big wet spaghetti noodle the rest of the day. So this Sunday will be interesting. I hope Bryan will be patient as I can some drifting off the back on a few hills in my future.

But that will be it. That ride will mark the start to a new life for me. Michelle is driving now so I have no commitments after work. I can put in some good training after work to eventually get back to my I am mapping out a training regiment that will involve upping my aerobic rides for the last part of the summer so I can handle 90 mile rides easy. Then, over the winter, I will work on strength and dropping weight. I'm not sure if I can be in tip top shape by the beginning of next race season, but I think I'll be close fairly competitive form.

I thought about the money situation and realized it's possible to make money while racing. You just have to plan better to save money on traveling, eating, etc. and/or finish in the top 5. If I get back to my former strength (or maybe even stronger) I know I can be up there. I've learned from Bryan that you don't have to spend money on the latest and greatest stuff to get strong. It's the training that matters, not the equipment. Granted, when it comes to TT's, aero stuff always helps, but I can hopefully borrow equipment to shave away seconds. I just have to train so my motor isn't holding me back.

So this is it. I am making a declaration that next summer will be my return to racing. I really miss it. I miss the feeling of putting others in the hurt lockers when on an attack. I miss the weekends spent putting in 4-6 hour rides so the intense long races don't hurt that much. I really miss riding my bike.

If anyone wants to go on easy or hard training rides, let me know. There'll only be a couple times a year where I'll have to work late for a month, but other than that, I should be on the road most days by 5pm. It will be fun.


bryan said...

patience? me? no, sorry.

Actually, I'm just looking for a nice, long day in the saddle.

As for training ... I'm going to be doing some serious stuff over the winter, because next year is going to be nuts. I have a lot of training DVDs now and more time to use them. Prepare to sweat.

Matt N said...

Cross season in September will mark my return to racing, and I will try to race on the road as much as possible next season. I've been training really hard since I got up here. Dropped 20lbs, and probably put on a bunch of muscle in my legs. They are like granite. HAHAHA. It's good that you will get back at it Mike. I have such an itch to race again, that I can't wait for madcross to get here.

Aaron Pool said...

thank God, one season off the bike and he's back.

Good for you, and if you are interested in steady easy miles then give me a ring this fall.

Biker Bob said...

Good luck. Just keep training on your commuter bike with fenders, and you will be brutal next year. ;-)

I'm always up for 3 hours of riding on Sunday morings starting at 6am. I know, it's early. Just gotta make sure I get to church on sundays so that I can ride in a lightning storm without having to keep a "low profile". :-o