Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Yearly Post, or, Hey, Fred posted, so will I

Life updates: Got a dog - he's annoying and lovable all at once. I'm not working at the bike shop this summer, so I should have free time, but seems like I never do. I'm also doing just a few of the bike race chip timing events.  Yay more free weekends.  Otherwise, things are same ol same ol, as they say.

One thing that's been true for a while now but still a hard to stomach - I'M SSSLLLLOOOOWWW on the bike.  I thought I rode fairly hard on my commute to work this morning, but Strava says my average was a beastly 10 mph rather than my normal 8 mph.  My normal 8 mph commutes are very nice.  I never work hard enough to breath fast or break a sweat.  And it only takes me 15 minutes rather than the speedy 13 minutes this morning with all the extra effort.

Maybe if I rode my 18 lb road bike rather than my 28 lb Smooth Groove machine, I'd be blazing fast at 13 mph for a commute time of 11 minutes?  But then I'd have to pay attention to cracks in the road and get sweaty every morning now that it's the humid times.  Nah, think I'll just keep putzin along on my comfy bike.

So there you have it. Yearly update complete.


Flintstone R Cube said...

Since you posted, I will comment.

munsoned said...

Why thank you. Also, is Jack using the Ion CX? I don't want it back, I just want to know if he's getting some saddle time.

Flintstone R Cube said...

Oh - right now he's doing just the mtn bike thing, but he just told me the other day that he is hoping to do cross this year. We'll see what he does and go from there. Thanks Munson.