Friday, November 05, 2010

I'm now saving $600 a year.

Well, scratch that, $480 a year.

I just cut out my cable. I had the basic channels 1-68, but at $50 a month for about 25 watchable channels(for me anyway), that's pretty pricey. I still have internet and I added Netflix, which is where that extra $120 will go, but still $480 is a good chunk o' change. It's a weird coincidence because I cancel cable one day, then this article comes out the next. It basically asks if the decline in cable subscriptions is an economy thing or technological shift thing. I'm guessing it'll play out as both. Our generation and a few before it just assumed cable was standard. Well, now that the younger generations have nearly no experience with land lines, which also used to be standard, I'm guessing they'll view Netflix and online sites as standard boob tube time. That way they can watch Hulu, flip over to a new tab on their browser, and update their twitter page and/or facebook page as one of the single commercials play. And for us older folks, does it really make sense to pay $130 for a gabillion channels of which you only really watch half? That's nearing a car payment. Or after a year, a new bike.

I don't really have any where else to trim the budget, aside from changing our eating habits. I know it would be wise and probably healthier, but the wife and I both like to eat, so that would be a last resort type thing.

On the bike front, I'm still riding the single speed to/from work. I have a couple hills that kinda get to me, but it's working fine otherwise. Not looking forward to the time change. I think I need to move to Belize. Tropical weather year round sounds nice.


Chris G. said...

We got rid of cable TV about a year ago. We had digital and DVR service, so we're saving over $100/month. Netflix streaming service was the clincher for us, too.

Chris G. said...

Oh, and I second your notion about Belize. I've been there a couple times and I love it. Jungles, Mayan ruins, beaches...the place has it all.

Scott Redd said...

Good for you!

TV programming stinks anyway. When I want to watch something, I have Netflix and YouTube, both of which can be played on my television screen.

I have the most basic cable possible (channels 1 - 23 or something like that), and that costs me somewhere around $15 a month. The catch is that for cable modem service, you need the basic cable, or they hit you with a $10 monthly access charge.

I'm going single speed for the winter snow this year, too. My experiment is the Trek Earl with a 44x22 drive train powering studded tires. I'll let you know how that's working.

munsoned said...

Chris, how rainy is Belize. I've read up on it and it seems to be pretty damp depending on the season. But yes, I'd love to visit and/or live there someday.

Scott, as I was cancelling cable the rep nicely pointed out that option for channels 1-25. I declined, but may still think about it. I hadn't heard about the $10 charge, but you used to get a $10 discount if you bundled your service (phone, net). This has gone away, I believe, since I haven't had that discount for years. Also, like you, I'll probably have to bump up the teeth on my cog to get an easier gear. I'm on a 45x18 now and like I mentioned, some hills are pretty tough to crest when there's a red light that stops you near the top.

Chris G. said...
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Chris G. said...

Yes, Belize has a rainy season. When last we went, it was hot and just a bit rainy, but also less crowded and cheaper.

The only time the rain was an issue was when our tour guide's 4x4 got stuck on the road to a cave and we had to push. Worth it, though, to visit a cave we had to swim to get in to and wade up a subterranean river to where there are still remains of Mayan human sacrifices, lying in situ.

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RD said...

accually you you can get rid of cable all together I pay 33$ a month for internet via cox. For most part it works okay except sometimes around 5-8 pm when everyone is using cox. ps3/xbox is all you need anymore

Ben Wiz said...

I agree with RD. Really all you need is basic internet ($29 plus tax, which is where the $33 comes from), and netflix ($9 gives you unlimited online watching).

Besides, too much time inside watching TV = less time riding.

munsoned said...

I'd go with basic internet if the wife and I didn't do online gaming. That's mainly my wife's hobby, so messing with that would be a very bad idea.

But yes, I'm enjoying the netflix and free local digital TV channels with the old bunny ears are awesome. PBS especially.

RD said...

online gaming is fine with basic.