Monday, September 27, 2010

But it's almost October!

I got burned.

As in sun burned.

Went out for a couple hour ride with Mr. Miles and Jeremy. It was spirited. And fun.

Then I went out for another almost hour with the wife on a ride. She loves her new Pure bike. She calls it "heavenly." See, she's as tall as I am but with crazy long legs. So normal women's bikes with regular seat tube angles just don't work for her. Seriously, her knee-over-spindle measurement is almost dead on with the Pure. That's how long her femurs are. Of course, the bike shop guys gave me a hard time about picking up that bike. I guess it didn't help that I ordered a road handlebar at the same time and I've been known to make a franken bike here and there. But fit was the main factor in getting the Pure. After our ride together, she was no where near as beat up as when she would ride her older bike. So that was a wise decision. Anyone need an 18.5" Trek 7200 WSD?

This next weekend is cross time in Omaha. I'll probably be around to do some heckling. Hopefully my sun burn will be gone so I can start a fresh new one if the weather cooperates. However, if the cross gods deem it so, maybe it'll rain and the temp will drop. That would make it a true cross race.


Chris G. said...

I got sunburned yesterday, too. On the Bacon Ride. Surprise!

Scott Redd said...

Oddly, my sunburn is identical the one Chris has. The right side of my face and my right leg faced the low hanging sun for several miles of Pflug Rd.

We should do a Tour de Pflug, riding it end to end. I think it's only about 9-10 miles, though.

RD said...

you should go and ride applewood rd. in mills county that road will change your percepption of what is a hilly road

Chris G. said...

I've ridden Applewood Road. That where I had the first asthma attack of my life.

bryan said...

Applewood isn't that hilly. Please.