Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I suppose I should post something

This last Sunday's ride was a great time. It was kinda short being it was pretty cold and Mr. Miles' bike was giving him Italian problems. Long story...

I think it's too early to be this cold, but hopefully it's a sign that the winter will be very mild. That would be awesome.

I'm on call this Saturday morning, but Sunday looks to be a nice day to ride. Last report said that it's supposed to get up to 60 degrees. That will feel awesome. Or make me sick. Drastic changes in temps generally make me feel lousy for a few days after the swing.

In non bike related news, I took my 94 Honda Civic in for an oil change and to find the cause of a bad noise it's making. If the news is real bad - as in money bad, I may just find someplace to trade it in for a newer car. I really don't want the hassle of finding a new car, and all the costs that go along with it, but I'm worried my Civic is going to nickel and dime me to death. But then again, no car payment, cheap insurance and licensing is pretty nice.


Chris G. said...

Sunday was a good ride. I hope I didn't hold you guys back too much. If not, I'd be up for another Sunday ride. Family schedule permitting, of course.

Mike Miles said...

I'll be there doctor and BB permitting. I'll probably just roll the SLC and avoid BB problems.

bryan said...

I'll probably be there. Maybe on a Madone.

No ... not mine.

munsoned said...

Bryan, Doh! Now we'll have to keep up with you if you don't have your heavy Bianchi weighing you down.

Mike, let us know the news as soon as you find out. About the doc stuff, not the BB stuff. We already know the Italians don't always get it right when it comes to bikes.

Chris, the more the merrier.

erik said...

Why not sell your car and buy a well designed and crafted practical bicycle.

You'll still have one car in the household, right?

munsoned said...

Erik, nope, we are already one car.
I ride every day and the wife drives. She just learned how to drive a year or so ago, so if this car does go completely kaput on us, she knows the bus system well. However, she REALLY doesn't want the car to fail.

Scott Redd said...

My wife's car has a cracked block, and is sitting in the driveway. She's been driving my truck, and I've been biking 95% and busing 5%.

I've even gotten my daughter on the bus to get her to her weekly drama class downtown. Before I would bike/bus home and take her to the drama class in the truck. The past few weeks we've used the bus instead.

Omaha is totally livable by bike/bus if you're committed, and choose to live/work/shop in the right part of town.

Anonymous said...

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